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Chiropractic Research

Chiropractic Research

According to a study found in the medical journal, Annals of Internal Medicine, published on  January 3, 2012 , the results strongly suggest that chiropractic care and home exercise, are effective for back and neck pain. In fact, it is proven to be more effective than either over-the-counter or prescription medications, and for both short and long term relief. This study was conducted at the Northwestern Health Sciences University, Pain Management and Rehabilitation Center in Minneapolis, MN.  The study proved a statistically significant improvement in pain using spinal manipulations over drug therapy.

During this 6-year study, which involved 272 adults, Dr. Gert Bronfort, et al, discovered that spinal manipulations and home exercise programs of the neck and shoulder areas were "head and shoulders” above the use of drug therapy.   Participants were segregated into 3 treatment groups: 91 in the spinal manipulation therapy (SMT) group, 91 in the home exercise group, and 91 in the medication group.  Pain ratings were self-recorded by participants every 2 weeks from the baseline until the 12 week mark. At the close of the 12 weeks, the reports from the SMT and exercise groups had statistically significant improvements compared to the medicated group.  

Following, is a chart showing the percentage of reported pain reduction and the percentage of test subjects experiencing it:   

Group At least 50% Pain Reduction At least 75% Pain Reduction 100% Pain Reduction
SMT 82% 72% 32%
Exercise 77% 48% 30%
Medications 69% 33% 13%

These outcomes were measured and reported 6 times in a 12-week period. Then they were measured further, following the treatment period, at weeks 26 and 52:

Group At least 50% Pain Reduction At 26 Weeks At least 50% Pain Reduction At 52 Weeks
SMT 75% 81%
Exercise 71% 69%
Medications 50-59% 69%

This 6-year study proved what hundreds of satisfied Wellspring Chiropractic patients have already discovered: Chiropractic works!

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