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Massage History

Brief History of Massage Therapists

The history of massage is written in stone. Ancient civilizations depicted massage pictorially, and wrote about it on tablets of clay. From the Asian ideas of life energy, India’s Ayurveda, and the familiar Hypocrites of Greece, historical records proclaim the physical and mental benefits of massage in very similar, yet diverse techniques.

During the 19th and 20th centuries, massage therapy became popular, using the combined research and knowledge of European educator Pehr Henrik Ling from Sweden, and Johann Georg Mezger of Amsterdam. Massage parlors popped up all over the United States in health clubs, spas and clinics. This form of massage therapy became known as The Swedish Movement Cure, and included soft tissue manipulation using shaking, stroking, pressing, squeezing, kneading, rolling, clapping, and even the use of vibrations to treat many symptoms and chronic problems. This therapy eventually became known as Swedish massage, which is the most commonly used modern massage technique in the United States.

Unfortunately, the reputation of massage therapy became tarnished in the early to mid 1900’s due to outside influences. Because of this, governing boards at both national and state levels were established and standardized certification testing for the profession was implemented.

Today’s massage therapists get a thorough education on muscle and body mechanics, bone structure, and specific clinical and pathological techniques. Wellspring’s well-trained massage therapists are licensed on both the national and state levels, have graduated from accredited programs in massage therapy, and earned extra certifications in specific therapies including certifications as chiropractic therapy assistants (CTA).

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