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Senior's Health

Quick: what do you think of when I say…. Seniors?  If you had mental pictures of bent over old people, or you had grandma’s voice saying “oh my aching back” ringing in your ears, welcome to a new age!

More and more seniors are living an active lifestyle, which in turn, helps keep them healthy!  A sedentary life at any age, will slow the body down and age it, but retirement doesn’t have to mean tired.

With chiropractic care, a healthy exercise plan, and careful nutritional planning, the aging process can be slowed, instead of it slowing down the aged.  In fact, recent research is touting the positive cognitive effects from daily exercise.

The body was designed to move, and moving keeps it running in good shape.  Dr. Dornbier has years of experience in caring for the 50+ crowd, and can adjust the body gently and expertly, to get you feeling your best.

Many of the injuries incurred by seniors come from imbalance and diminishing coordination, often stemming from neurological issues or degenerative problems.  Adjustments to the spine can reduce these problems, allowing for more activity, which also adds to overall health and quality of life. And would you believe traditional Medicare covers adjustments?

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